SATARN Cosmic Black Metal band

SATARN - "Cosmic Black Metal" Album 2021

SATARN - Cosmic Black Metal
1. Crowns of Cosmic Greatness
2. Worlds Beyond Thoughts
3. Cosmic Black Metal
4. Vortex of Infinity
5. Uncovered Heavy Structures
6. Life Bolder Than Dreams
7. Arise From Death Clouds
8. Light Traveling to Darkness

Symphonic Cosmic Black Metal musical journey to distant and unknown worlds in the universe!
Eight tracks and second album from this act!

Recorded in August, 2021 and digitally released on September 10, 2021. Not released on physical format so far.

SATARN - "Satarn" Album 2021

SATARN - Satarn
1. At the Borders of Darkness
2. Visions of Creation
3. Dark Fields of Spacetime
4. Black Cosmic Depths
5. Interstellar Chaos Reign
6. Satarn
7. Unknown Galactic Structures
8. Swirls of New Worlds

First album from this Atmospheric and Symphonic Cosmic Black Metal act!
Eight tracks of old-school Black Art with unique feel and compositions!

Recorded in June, 2021 and digitally released on June 20, 2021. Not released on physical format so far.

Art: Moon Ring DesignSATARN Cosmic Black Metal bandLabel: Acclaim Records